The TCT Awards are judged by leaders of the industry. Known as the Expert Advisory board, this collection of established 3D technology veterans from across different industries and disciplines review and judge the finalists from each of the different awards categories, as well as nominating inductees for the prestigious TCT Hall of Fame.

Andrew Allshorn // 3D-SQUARED Ltd and Vice President AMUG
3D-SQUARED Ltd and Vice President AMUG
Kristian Arntz // Manufacturing technologies and machine tools at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
Manufacturing technologies and machine tools at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
David Brackett // Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)
Technology Manager
Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)
Dave Burns // Global Business Advisory Services LLC
Principal and Founder
Global Business Advisory Services LLC
Vesna Cota //
Additive Manufacturing specialist
Robin Dallen // Freelance
Additive Manufacturing Consultant
Carl Dekker // Met-L-Flo Inc
Met-L-Flo Inc
Phill Dickens // Added Scientific Limited
Added Scientific Limited
Filip Geerts // CECIMO
Director General
Laura Griffiths // Rapid News Group
Head of Content – TCT Magazine
Rapid News Group
Todd Grimm // T. A. Grimm & Associates
T. A. Grimm & Associates
Amanda Hull // Rapid News Group
Project Manager
Rapid News Group
Sheku Kamara // Milwaukee School of Engineering
Dean of Applied Research
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Alex Kingsbury // RMIT University
AM Industry Fellow
RMIT University
Candice Majewski // The University of Sheffield
Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
The University of Sheffield
Daniel O'Connor // Rapid News Group
Deputy VP, New Product Development
Rapid News Group
Jeremy Pullin // Sartorius
Head of Additive Manufacturing
Dr Phil Reeves // Reeves Insight Ltd
Managing Director
Reeves Insight Ltd
Mohsen Seifi // ASTM International
Director of Global Additive Manufacturing Programs
ASTM International
Chris Sutcliffe // Meta Consultancy
Meta Consultancy
Angela Szerlong // SME
Industry Manager for Additive Manufacturing
Nora Touré // Women in 3D Printing
Women in 3D Printing
Pat Warner // Alpine  F1 Racing Team
ADM Manager
Alpine F1 Racing Team
Terry Wohlers // ASTM International
Head of Additive Manufacturing Market Intelligence
ASTM International
Duncan Wood // Rapid News Group
Rapid News Group