The SMF‘s Mission is:  “To find and assist those with neurodivergent minds to realise their potential through engineering and making”.

The foundation was born after the loss of Sanjay Mortimer – E3D’s Visionary. Sanjay was very open about his ADHD and the struggles it brought him. He found traditional teaching methods challenging and used making & engineering as an outlet, a place to escape. Sanjay thrived in this environment where his creative mind could be let loose to innovate, take risks, and make.

The judges will be looking for candidates who find enjoyment, creativity, and/or an outlet in 3D printing. They’d like to understand how each candidate discovered 3D printing and the extent of their passion for it. When they print, where they print, do they own a printer, do they use one at university, work or attend Makerspaces. What it would mean to the candidate if they were to win this mod0 printer from BrendonBuilds and if they have any exciting plans for what they would do with it.  Click on the printer image to find out more about this fantastic prize!

The more information they can give us to show that supporting them, would be supporting the SMF Mission, the better. Best of luck!

Winner's Prize 2024


To qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  A young person between the age of 14 - 25 year old

Resident in England or Wales

 Must be either diagnosed as neurodivergent, or on the neurodivergent waiting list

Must find enjoyment from engineering and/or making

Must be passionate about 3D Printing


Entries Close on 30th April 2024

Please provide proof of neurodiversity (e.g. SEND statement, EHC Plan, Doctor’s letter etc).

Max file size: 40 mb. Supported formats:pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, ppt, pptx, rtf, jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

*If you have not yet been diagnosed, but believe you are neurodivergent, please provide as much information as you can in your Personal Statement to explain your condition. Please ask your referee to back up your Personal Statement in the Referee section below.

In your own words, please tell us a little bit about you, your condition, how it affects your day to day life, why you enjoy 3D printing and what it would mean to be donated a mod0 3D printer?  Please provide as much information as you can.  The more we have, the better.


Please supply a reference from an academic teacher or professional mentor to corroborate your statement.