TCT are excited to be supporting the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation for the second year to bring you the TCT SMF Rising Star Award 2024!  We will be looking to open entries in the spring, so in the meantime please take a look back at the deserving winner from 2023:


TCT were delighted to have collaborated with the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation at the TCT Award 2023 to present the inaugural Sanjay Mortimer Foundation Rising Star Award.  This award recognises an up-and-coming neurodivergent young person who has the potential to contribute greatly towards the engineering Industry.

To qualify for entry, the applicants needed to be between the age of 15-25 years old, resident in United Kingdom, neurodivergent and find enjoyment from engineering, making, and specifically 3D Printing.

The judges were looking for candidates who found creativity, and/or an outlet in 3D printing. They were interested to understand how each candidate discovered 3D printing and the extent of their passion for it.  What it would mean to the candidate if they were to win this Prusa 3D printer and if they had any exciting plans for what they would do with it? 

Once all the applications were in, the SMF Trustees had the difficult task of deciding on the winner, and whilst there were many deserving entries, the ultimate winner really stood out for his passion for 3D Printing.  

Winner of the SMF Rising Star Award 2023

Zac Smith!

Zac's application demonstrated that despite the challenges of his neurodiversity, he has found solace and joy exploring engineering and design, having consistently delivered outstanding results that showcase his technical skill, innovation and creative thinking, and is using his unique perspective to bring fresh and invaluable qualities to the field of engineering.

As the winning entrant Zac received a Prusa 3D printer to help support his journey into Engineering, plus the opportunity to become an SMF Star, providing access to grants, training and more.

During his acceptance speech, 16 year old Zac thanked all the support he has received from his school teachers as well as thanking Sanjay specifically for his incredible influence and inspiration.

See Zac's Acceptance speech at the TCT Awards ceremony 2023!

About the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation

Neurodivergent minds have been shown to be associated with creativity, innovation, and risk-taking, all of which are critical skills for engineers to tackle the challenges of the future. Despite this, they remain highly underrepresented in engineering degrees, which makes them significantly less likely to enter engineering careers. The SMF aims to help these neurodiverse individuals, interested in engineering and making, realise where their talents and strengths lie. Enabling them to shape their perceived belief in their engineering abilities, thus building self-esteem and increasing interest in engineering. Find out more about the SMF at