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Keeping cool: How metal 3D printing enabled this complex helicopter heat exchanger design

What do the wings of a butterfly, the feathers of a bird, the retinal cone cells of a tree shrew, and this helicopter heat exchanger all have in common?   It’s the use of gyroid structures to help flight, sight and, in the case of the aluminium component printed on an EOS M 290 machine, the optimal cooling of a helicopter gearbox. At least, that’s the hope for Andreas Vlahinos, CTO of Advanced Engineering Solutions, who is currently seeing his TCT Award-winning design go through a qualification process for use on commercial helicopters......See more

A win-win: How Volkswagen reimagined a tooling nozzle with 3D printing

It’s not a first for Additive Industries, nor Volkswagen, but as this year’s recipients of the TCT Transport Application Award, the double TCT Award-winning collaborators demonstrate how oftentimes, it’s the low hanging fruit that stands to yield the biggest gains when it comes to deploying additive manufacturing (AM) for automotive....see more

Puppet masters: How 3D printing helped create Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

“A story about puppets, acted by puppets. You don’t have to believe they are real people – you have to believe in them as characters.”

These words, posted on the Mackinnon & Saunders Instagram page in January 2023, only fell out of Guillermo del Toro's mouth on the promo trail ahead of the release of the Oscar-winning director's Pinocchio movie late last year, but it serves as both the organisation's brief for the project and the reason it does what it does....see more